Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Back to Black: Revlon Colorsilk 20 Brown Black Review

One of the biggest paradoxes in the hair coloring world is that while artificially dyed red hair is the hardest to keep from fading, it's also the hardest to get rid of. Did you get that? Let me explain. Once you dye your hair red, it's very very hard to keep the initial vibrant hue true to itself. Within two weeks or even less, your once rich medium red is not a drab orangy brown. So you dye your hair more often, it gets more damaged, making the fade come on even faster, and the vicious cycle repeats.
Well, I got tired of that cycle. My hair was in pretty bad shape from the constant dying, so I decided to go back to my natural dark neutral brown. Initially, I tried Clairol Nice n Easy in 118A Medium Neutral Brown. It toned down the red somewhat, but it was still red hair. Here's a pic of me before and after. As you can see, Clairol 118A toned down the red and darkened it a bit (though I had a bit of hot roots) but it was undoubtedly RED HAIR. Not a medium neutral brown or even a medium golden brown.
Left Before, Right After Clairol Nice n Easy 118A
So I waited three weeks which was the most my impatient little heart could bear, and back again I went to the drugstore. At this point, I wanted to get as close to as I could to my real hair color at my roots, which is a very dark neutral brown, but not black. After some online perusing, I decided to go with Revlon Colorsilk in 20 Brown Black. The picture on the box looked decidedly like a true dark brown, with none of the warmth you often see in boxed browns.

See? A very dark brown, not black....

Of course, I did not get that color, although things could've been much worse. Worst case scenario is I would still be left with dark red hair, but that wasn't the case at all. Revlon's 20 Brown Black got rid of all of my red tones, ALL! I was so relieved. Of course, now we have to wait and see if the red pops back out after it fades, and that brings me to my one quip. It's not a brown black on me at all. It's not even a soft black. It's a straight out black, just shy of being a blue black. Now, almost all of the reviews online say that it does start out very dark, almost black, but that it will fade, so I'm holding out for hope. Next month when it's time to do my roots I'm probably going to go with #30 Dark Brown, but I'll have to wait and see how this fades.

Before and After Revlon Colorsilk #20 Brown Black

As you can see, this color was AWESOME at covered and getting rid of all the red tones, something that I hadn't been able to achieve with the Clairol color. What remains to be seen is how well it will continue to cover those red tones even after it starts fading. I'm hoping it will fade enough to lose the harsh blackness but not enough to let the red out again. Make sure to subscribe to my blog so you can see the update!

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