Saturday, July 1, 2017

Lumene Artic Berry Cocktail Brightening Oil Review

Due to living in sunny South Florida and a creeping age number, I have a few sunspots that have become more noticeable lately. I have random freckles all over my face, but I have two particular splotches on each cheekbone that I am trying to deal with. I've used quite a few Vitamin C serums, the last one being the famous Ost 20 Vitamin C, but I did not get lightening of my spots at all. The only vitamin C serum that produced noticeable yet faint effects was the Hylamide Vitamin C Booster. Being the fickle creature that I am, I couldn't resist trying something new, and the Lumene Artic Berry was on sale for $20, cheaper than its regular retail of $30.

Lumene Artic Berry Cocktail

It comes in a glass see through jar that feels substantial, but contains just 1 oz, and you can see that the product is a biphase oil, with a pink watery liquid at the bottom and a yellow oil on top. You have to shake it to mix it, and then you pump it into your hand. When you mix it it turns into an opaque pink salad dressing look-a-like. At first if would revert back to the two separate oils, but eventually it stayed more or less mixed. It smells very citrusy, not the yummy orange citrus smell of Ost Vit C, but rather a lemony pledgy scent that I really dislike. Is there anyone out there that actually likes this time of smell? Anyways, it has quite an oily feel to it, and if you have bangs beware because they will get a big greasy. Since I have combo skin I saved this for nighttime use, and it wasn't too bad in the sense that it did absorb pretty well after a while. The feel of it when apply it is reminiscent of salad dressing. It actually felt like I was putting a mixture of vinegar and oil on my face, so I did not particularly like that aspect of it.But the money was spent and I was going to use this bottle up and who knows, maybe it would deliver on results where it failed on feel.

Lumene advertises this as a brightening and hydrating oil. I didn't really feel like it was moisturizing so much as greasing up my face, but I have combo skin, so I'm sure that this would be a much better product for those with very dry skin. It did really keep the tretinoin flakies from appearing, so there's that. But mostly I was using this because I was hoping it would do some brightening, and by brightening I mean fading my sunspots. Unfortunately, my sunspots remained completely unchanged throughout my time using this.
for me, this is a clear dud. It doesn't smell good, it doesn't feel good, and it did not fade my spots or otherwise make my skin brighter or smoother. It's only saving grace is that it may work well for extremely dry mature skin. My verdict is PASS unless you can get this at an extreme discount and you have the appropiate skin type.

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