Thursday, February 23, 2017

Confidence in a Cream Review

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          I've used this cream enough now that I can give an honest review. Back in December I had my 20% Sephora coupon, which was right around the time that It Cosmetics released their new "Confidence in a Cream" cream. I tried it on my hand and loved the texture and it was an impulse buy....oi vey. But, I was heartened when I checked out the reviews online and most were glowing. Currently, it has a 3.5 rating on MUA, though back in December it was much higher. So, was this a win or a bust for me?

That's a huge jar!!!!!

          Unfortunately, this cream has not lived up to expectations. It is chock full of wonderful skin loving ingredients, like ceramides, peptides, and antioxidants. It touts itself as regenerative, which sounds like something you'd want in a face cream. But it just did not deliver.  Let's start with what I did like about the cream. It's not too expensive, as far as non drugstore creams go. It's $48, but you do get two full ounces as opposed to the more common 1.7 (50ml). Another good thing is that you can get a deluxe size sample for $16, which I highly recommend. I wish I had known about that before I went and bought the bigger size. It does have fragrance, but I found it really pleasant, a sort of lemon meringue type of scent.
          As nice as the ingredient list is, I did not care for the heavy feeling of this cream. It applies nicely, but you are left with a sticky feeling and it never really fully absorbs. Even an hour after applying it at night I can still feel it on my skin. So this was strictly a night cream for me, and I cant imagine there would be many women who could wear this during the day. I might have been OK with the tackiness and the heaviness if there was a commensurate relief of my flaky skin do to all of the actives I use, but I still noticed foundation picking up on my flakes despite slathering a good amount of this cream at night. Basically, I saw not discernible change in my skin. Despite that, you might want to check this cream out, as there are plenty of great reviews and it might just work for you, but do get the smaller size in case it does not.

MY SKIN: combo skin, late 30s, using tret, mostly clear, some flakes.

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