Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sunday Riley Good Genes Review or Coulda Woulda Shoulda

          Up until now, the majority of my reviews have been positive. That's not necessarily because I'm a gullible twit who thinks everything she slathers on her face is the bee's knees. It's just not very exciting to write a post about something that doesn't inspire you. Especially if I didn't spend, er, I mean, waste that much money on it. But when you part with a good deal of money and a product falls completely flat, I do feel compelled to share that with the world. I think this will be an ongoing segment that I will call Coulda Woulda Shoulda.
            Today's beauty flop award goes to Sunday Riley Good Genes, which retails for a whopping $105 for a mere 1 oz. Alrighty then. Keep in mind, I wasn't dumb enough to actually buy this product. Which is not to say that I'm not dumb enough to spend too much on other beauty failures (Biologique Recherche P50 and Estee Lauder ANR I'm looking at you). I just happened to get a good sized sample in one of my beauty boxes. I think it was Sephora, but who knows. Apparently, I get way too many because I can't keep track of who's sending what anymore.

The perpetrator.

          I used this for about two weeks, which is how long the deluxe sample lasted me, and I can honestly say it did jack shit. Sorry for the flowery language, but when a product says it will:


Well, when it says it's gonna do all that and ends up doing nada, you feel like talking like a sailor all of a sudden. The product itself is a medium weight lotion, not to heavy, not too light. It feels slightly oily and smells like cinnamon, and may sting if you have any broken skin from picking at your face or if you have overall sensitive skin. I admit that trying to decide if a beauty product worked is not an exact science. Oftentimes I'll use something and think it did not work and then when I stop using it I realize just how well it was working. That was not the case here. It just flat out did nothing for me. I can't say that I'm mad at Sunday Riley, because I suppose it's a good thing when a $100 product is bad enough that you decide not to ever buy it. So, in that vein, thank you Sunday Riley, for saving me some moolah.
          What beauty product has been your biggest disappointment? Please share in the comments!


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