Monday, November 9, 2015

Pocketderm Curology Review

         As a woman nearing her 40s, I've been using drugstore retinols for a few years. I always wanted to try the stronger prescription stuff, but I lack insurance so it always remained on the backburner. Sometime last year I kept on reading about Pocketderm (they have now changed their name to Curology), an online dermatology service that would diagnose your acne and send you medication, and thought, wow, I wish they would do that with anti-aging. Lo and behold, eventually they did! Someone gave me a link for a free first month and I filled out a questionaire online that including taking photos of your face for analysis by a doctor or nurse practicioner. About a week later I received my first shipment.

Curology Anti-Aging Treatment

         My particular formulation includes tretinoin, vitamin C, and niacinamide. The last two work to target texture and even out skin tone. I had previously had some mild flaking when using Neutrogena's retinol lotion, so I expected to have some of that in the beginning, but there was actually a lot let flaking with the Curology lotion. I did experience some slight burning/stinging if I dried my face to vigorously with a towel after washing or showering, but that went away after about two weeks. I've only been using it for about two months and since I have almost no wrinkles, I can't really speak for that aspect, but my skin is a lot smoother and more radiant. Retinols is one of those things that is great for preventing aging, so I hope that with continued use my skin will remain wrinkle free for as long as possible. At $20 a month, I couldn't ask for a better deal. BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking to up your anti-aging routine and want to start on retinol, definitely give Curology a shot. As I mentioned before, I was given a link for a free first month, which I found great because I really like trying things out before I commit to buying it. If you are interested, you may use my referral link. You will receive a free first month and I will receive $10, but rest assured that I have given you my honest opinion.

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