Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Laneige Hydration Trial Kit Review Asian Skincare

          Well, it seems that Asian skincare is here to stay. I briefly reviewed two Korean skincare items in this post, but today I will look at a kit offered by Laneige, readily available at your neighborhood Target. Korean skincare is famous for its many steps that would shame Clinique's paltry three step system into oblivion. You can read more about the many steps (there's no one number, it all depends on what you need) here and here. Laneige, a Korean skin care line which became available at Target last year, has a LITE 6 step skin care routine, for those of us that are just wetting our toes. I had already tried the Balancing Emulsion for combo skin and liked it a lot, so I was curious to try out an entire routine. This particular kit is $29.00 and includes 6 deluxe sized samples of the following:

  • Multi Cleanser
  • Power Essential Skin Toner
  • Water Bank Serum
  • Balancing Emulsion
  • Water Bank Moisture Cream
  • Water Sleeping Mask
With the exception of the cleanser and the sleeping mask, which are meant for all types of skin, the other four items are for dry skin. Unfortunately, there is no kit for combo or oily skin, but I found that the products worked really well on my combo skin, especially since I use tretinoin and could always use the extra moisture. It did not exacerbate my oily areas at all, but when used together they work really well to hydrate my dry areas and keep the flakes at bay. WITH ONE EXCEPTION...the Multi Cleanser.

Laneige Hydration Trial Kit

          According to a lot of the Asian beauty blogosphere, the PH of your cleanser is very important. I wont get into the nitty gritty of it, because so many bloggers have done it so well already, but the PH of this cleanser is at around 8.5, on the higher end. Most people that subscribe to the PH is very important philosophy prefer cleansers in the 5.5 range. Personally, I try not to get to obsessive about it, and I'm ok with things around 7, which is the PH of water. I figure that if I'm going to be using water to rinse and what not, it's not worth the hassle to get much lower than that.
          The first few times I used the cleanser I did get that squeaky clean feeling, which is actually not good for your skin at all, but my skin didn't feel dry or tight. I wasn't using it every day, so I wasn't too worried about it and through be told, I liked the clean smooth feeling and was hoping it wouldn't be bad for my skin. But I used it last night and lo and behold, my skin felt tight afterwards, and sure enough, when I looked in the mirror, I was shiny. Those are surefire signs that you have stripped your skin. So while I really like the rest of the kit, I can not recommend the Multi Cleanser as anything other than a once in a while exfoliating treatment. Don't even think about using it every day, much less morning and night. If my combo skin felt dry and tight, I can't imagine what havoc this would wreak on actually dry skin.
          I did really like the rest of the products though. They work very well in unison to create layers of moisture. I especially liked the Power Essential Skin Toner. It's thicker than your average western toner, and even though it has Alcohol, it never felt drying. Actually, it was very hydrating and I will probably repurchase this once the sample runs out. I also really like the Water Sleeping Mask. It's great for adding extra moisture to skin that's using lots of actives, like mine.

BOTTOM LINE: If you want to try the Korean multi step skin care routine, this little kit from Laneige is pretty good, the stripping cleanser notwithstanding.

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