Saturday, February 21, 2015

Best Drugstore Moisturizers of 2014 Laneige Balancing Emulsion, Hada Labo Anti-Aging Hydrator, and Nivea Soft Cream Review

          I am very excited about doing my first Best of 2014 posts today. I'm going to start out with my three favorite moisturizers. Keep in mind when reading my reviews that I have combo skin and live in the Subtropics. That means that I usually have a very shiny tzone and I look for products that moisturize but don't
cause my face to turn into an oil slick.

          First up is the first product I ever used from Laneige, a Korean skincare and makeup company. Korean skincare and beauty has been all the rage in the US the last few years, and when I heard that Laneige was coming to Target I was looking forward to trying it out. They have a good amount of products available for a new to the USA line. The Balancing Emulsion immediately caught my eye. Emulsions are a moisturizer's little sister, if you will. Not as heavy, but for combo skin like mine, usually all you need, especially during the day.
           This one claimed to balance my dry and oily areas. It's a light milky gel liquid that feels wonderfully refreshing and absorbs quickly. It's not fragrance free but I find the scent refreshing and not overpowering at all. It was really good at keeping my oily tzone in check while not parching the rest of my face. Because I use a lot of actives (retinols and AHA/BHA) that cause some dryness and flaking, I did sometimes have to use a heavier moisturizer at night. But if you are normal to combo and don't use a lot of antiaging or exfoliating products, this lotion is really good, especially during the summer or if you live in a humid city like me.
From the Bottom: Laneige, Hada Labo, Nivea

          Next one is Hada Labo's Anti-Aging Hydrator. This is currently what I am using at night. It has Hyaluronic Acid, which is great at keeping your skin hydrated. It contains retinol, but it is in the the form of retinyl palmitate, and so low on the list of ingredients, that it is unlikely to have much of an effect at all. So I consider this just a regular moisturizer. I rely on my serums for my big guns when it comes to anti aging. It has a refreshing liquid gel like consistency that is quite pleasing to apply. I consider this a step up in terms of hydrating power from the Laneige. So if your skin is like mine and the dry areas are starting to need a bit more attention due to aging or actives, but you still don't want a very heavy cream, this might  work very well for you.
          Finally, we have Nivea's Soft Creme in the white tub. This cream sells for dirt cheap at the drugstore, and I would have never thought to use it on my face, until I did. It has a thicker consistency but blends in really well. What I really like about this creme is that it works wonder for me when my foundation is applying horrible due to dryness. When this happens i will take my makeup off, wash my face with a gentle cleanser, and massage some Nivea Soft all over my face, focusing on the dry patches. After reapplying my foundation it is like my skin has done a 360. Interestingly enough, it dries down pretty matte and does not leave me greasy. This is a must if you use retinols and suffer from dry patches that cling to foundation.
          What are your favorite moisturizers, drugstore or otherwise?

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