Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Clarins Everlasting Foundation Review

          I've been trying a ton of different foundations every since jumping on the makeup train a year or so ago. My go to was Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation, which I reviewed here, but I needed something that would withstand my oily t-zone and Miami's subtropical weather. None of the foundations I tried wowed me, until I went
back to the Clarins counter and asked for a long lasting foundation. They gave me a sample of their Everlasting Foundation and it was love at first sight. I had become so used to sheer foundation formulas that I forgot how pretty your skin can look when you are using the right fuller coverage formula, and this was it. It gives my skin a beautiful finish without looking like I have a mask on. I can tell I have foundation, because my skin looks awesome, and others definitely take notice and mention that my skin looks good, but you can't really tell that I'm wearing anything. 
          In terms of keeping my oily tzone from shining bright like Rhianna's diamond, this is the best that I have come across. The finish does get a bit "glowy" after a few hours, but it's a nice glow, one that you would attribute to beautiful skin. And even though I am oily, I do have my fair share of flaky skin on my cheeks and around the mouth, and this barely shows up. Seriously, this stuff is just freaking awesome.
Here are a few pictures if you don't believe me:
Freshly applied

4 hours later

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