Monday, November 24, 2014

Jcat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter

A few months ago I had no idea why people were raving about putting tar on their lips, I mean, really, that sounds like some torture from America's early years. But apparently there's this cosmetics company called OCC that makes a product called lip tar and it's the bees knees of the makeup blogging world. Now at $18 a pop I have not been intrigued enough to go out an buy one. But lo and behold, the makeup gods decided to bless me with a cheaper version. I recently received Jcat Beauty's Wonder Lip Paint in one of my Ipsy boxes. It was in the Mad Splatter shade which upon first look did not inspire me much. It seems like a too bright fuschia color. But when I first tried it I was pleasently surprised because it was a really pretty color on me. 

Application is a bit tricky. I first applied it by squirting a little bit on my index finger and then dabbing on my lips. That worked really well and I was able to stay within the lines, but if you have chubby finder or your lips have lost their shape a bit due to age, you might want to use a brush. That's that i used for the following pic and it worked well. According to most other reviews I have read, Jcat's version is not as long lasting, but I found it lasted well enough. And it will only put you back around $5. 

Applies thick on hand but can apply thinner on the lips if you want more of a stain.

Because it's such a pretty color on the lips, I decided to make that the focus and went with a pretty basic look on the rest of the face. I applied Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation, which is awesome at giving you natural but fuller coverage. It's great for everyday makeup when you want something a little bit heavier coverage wise but that still feels wonderful on. I did a simple cat eye (still working on perfecting that technique) and actually forgot to apply mascara. Hope you all like it!

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