Friday, August 1, 2014

Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion Review

Ever since getting back into the beauty and skin care groove, I've read a ton about Korean skin care and makeup, and once Laneige came to Target I was really excited to try the brand out. I also subscribe to Ipsy, and in June one of the samples was the BB cushion from Laneige. I tried it and really liked the finish I got from the sponge applicator but wondered if the Pore Control version they sell in Korea might not be better for my oily tzone and hot climate of South Florida. So I shelled out around $44 and ordered one from Ebay. Now, the Laneige BB cushion that is sold in Target comes in three shades, and 21 (the lightest one) seemed the best fit for me, but the pore control cushion came in a few other shades and I ordered the lightest one, 13. Shade wise, this is a very light shade, and when I first apply it,the first thing that strikes me is how pale I look. That being said, it matches perfectly with the skin tone on my neck and chest. I have some redness in my face that is completely absent from my neck so the lighter shade serves to even things out. The pore control is meant to control oil and give a matte finish, and as such it has a medium to heavy finish. Lately my skin has been a bit dry and flaky, probably due to me overdoing it with the chemical exfoliation and retinoids. The first few times I tried this on, it applied unevenly and just drew attention to my dry flakes. So this is definitely not a formula for those with dryness or flakes. True to it's name, it is meant for people with pore issues and oily skin. That being said, I still experience a lot of oiliness in my tzone, so I laid off the exfoliation and retinoids and moisturized my flakes like crazy. I tried it on again today and the results were much better. I still have some flakes, but overall the application was much smoother. So overall, this will work great for truly oily skinned folks. But if you are combination like me or are suffering from flakes it's best that you steer clear.

right after application

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